The Room – Chapter 10 – The Olympians

Hera flung herself onto the bed. Tears of rage and humiliation stung her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. She was ridiculous, ignorant, a burden to this human woman, utterly incapable of simple activities these people took for granted. In all her millennia as the queen of the gods, she had never considered human lives. Not really. They were born; they lived their few years; they died. New ones took their place. She had been patroness of married women, but if she was honest with herself, she would have to admit that she had never taken her duty to heart. How could she, knowing how weak and simple these creatures were? Not to mention faithless! How many of these human women had Zeus taken to his bed? How many had given birth to his bastards? And now she was one of them! She had volunteered to be the first to shake off deity, to become mortal. Why had she done it? There was nothing for her in this world.

Elena Harris was to be her guide. Laughable! She looked around the bed chamber. In the light of day the room was simply unacceptable. Clothes were piled untidily on seating surfaces, and shoes were strewn about the floor. There were stacks of papers, some bound in hard cases, others loosely held together. The window coverings were crooked, hanging at odd angles, neither enhancing the dubious beauty of the room, nor serving any other purpose she could divine. The writing table was cluttered with additional papers, writing utensils, assorted jars and bottles, and a few items she recognized as cosmetics. The table also contained what looked like an oil lamp, but she could not locate the oil or anything that might be used as a source of light and heat. The bed was positioned poorly, crammed into one corner of the chamber, with no view of the window, nor clear access to anything else in the room. She stood up and walked toward another set of doors she had noticed in the room. Opening these, she gasped in shock and dismay, as the contents of the tiny room behind the doors assaulted her senses. Additional clothing items, hung on contraptions made of metal and a material she could not readily identify were haphazardly arrayed on a beam which stretched between the walls of the room. Under the clothing were many more pairs of shoes, some matched, and some single, lying about on the floor of the room. She peered at a pile in the far end of the room. What were these? She picked up one item, a satchel of some kind, with two handles and a set of metal teeth that seemed to be a closure. All of these were satchels in various colors, shapes, and sizes, she realized. Shaking her head, Hera wondered at it all. Do all of these things belong to Elena? What purpose could they all serve? If individual items served individual purposes, how could Elena find them in this chaos when she needs a specific item?

Hera picked up items of clothing, instinctively arranging them in categories that made sense to her. Pieces with openings that were obviously meant for arms, she arranged according to fabric thicknesses, colors and lengths of arm openings. Items with compartments for legs, some short, some longer, and some quite long, she organized by length, colors, patterns, and fabrics. She recognized several items as skirts (they were similar to items worn by human warriors in her time). These were carefully organized by color, length, and fabric. The same organization was applied to gowns, though Hera disapproved of the shortness and cut of most of these. She organized the shoes and the satchels, placing the shoes in even rows under the clothing, and hanging the satchels on the same contraptions used for clothing in the back of the little room.

Satisfied with the results, Hera turned her attention to the greater bed chamber. She gathered the clothing from the piles she found all over the room, placing individual items on hanging contraptions and moving them to their places on the beams in the small room. She found matched pairs of shoes and placed these under the clothing. She found an empty container in the corner, which seemed to contain clothing ready for laundering. Into the container went additional pieces of clothing she deemed too soiled or wrinkled for wear. Once the floor was cleared, Hera began to push and shove the bed until it sat perfectly centered on the wall next to the window, offering a lovely view of the outdoors. Straightening the bed clothes, Hera turned to the window. She moved aside the heavy window coverings hanging crookedly and was delighted to discover a second layer made of a beautiful sheer fabric under the ugly, heavy outer layer. She removed the heavy coverings, sliding them easily from the iron bar resting in brackets fastened to the wall. The bed chamber was flooded with light. Much better!

She moved the writing table under the window and the rest of the furniture to proper places in the chamber to create a harmonious arrangement. Not knowing the purpose of the many papers in the room, she gathered them into two stacks, the hard bound ones and the loosely held ones, and placed these on the writing table, moving the bottles and jars of cosmetics to the top of a large piece of furniture which she discovered held additional clothing. Feeling good about her progress, she straightened and rearranged the clothing in the large piece of furniture, then stood in the center of the room and surveyed it. The cluttered, disorganized chamber was transformed! Beams of sunlight streamed through the delicate, sheer window covering, highlighting the pretty bed with its cream and caramel cover and inviting pillows. The writing table offered a comfortable space to think and work, and the rest of the furnishings served their purpose, occupying just the right space, while leaving plenty of room for its occupant to move through the chamber with ease and comfort. It was perfect.

There was a soft knock on the door, and Hera sighed. She had overreacted to Elena’s words earlier would have to beg forgiveness for her hasty and rude departure from the kitchen. She opened the door.
Title – The Room Chapter 10

Excerpt – Hera flung herself onto the bed. Tears of rage and humiliation stung her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. She was ridiculous, ignorant, a burden to this human

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