The Olympians – Premise: The Gods

The Gods:

Apollo: god of music and prophesy

Handsome, musically gifted, accustomed to getting what he wants, self-centered, insecure because his mother was human, bisexual, tortured by the loss of several lovers, afraid of commitment, pretends laziness to avoid entanglements, unfocused, last to leave Olympus.

Power on earth: ability to communicate specific emotions/concepts through music

Path: composer

Love interest: possibly Eugene

Ares: god of war

Strong, quick-tempered, sees things as black or white, has been manipulated/forced into being god of war, feels trapped (has been trapped between fighting factions as an Olympian), judgmental, secretly cares deeply about human lives, especially young people’s, hates to see human lives wasted.

Power on earth: ability to see how to end conflict

Path: volunteer, then permanent counselor at non-profit organization focused on helping teenagers and college-age kids.

Love interest: police officer he meets while working with at-risk teens

Hermes: messenger of the gods

Smart, quick, devious, sneaky, great communicator, has been taken advantage of by the Olympians, resents authority, can’t wait to be “free,” first god to leave Olympus, vows to never be anyone’s “messenger boy” again.

Power on earth: to see through b.s.

Path: freelance political writer

Love interest: therapist

Hephaestus: god of forge, fire

Ugly because of disfigurement, bitter because marriage to Aphrodite was a sham (no longer married), thinks nobody can love him, gruff, socially awkward, prefers working with his hands, doesn’t seek out human company, lonely, loves children, compassionate, wise.

Power on earth: to make any environment comfortable

Path: contractor, building schools and hospitals

Love Interest: beautiful doctor

Title – The Olympians – Premise: The Gods

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